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Music marketing refers to the strategic promotion and distribution of music to reach and engage a target audience. It involves various techniques and channels to create awareness, generate interest, and drive sales or streams for an artist or their music.
Spotify promotions refer to the strategies and techniques used to increase the visibility and reach of music on the popular streaming platform, Spotify.
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Our services

Google Ads

We offer an exceptional Google Ads service to help artists and musicians unlock their full potential in the digital landscape. Our founder, Mr. Sourab Kumar Yaadav, renowned for his expertise as a digital marketer and artist, leads our team in delivering impactful Google Ads campaigns.

With our Google Ads service, we harness the power of one of the world’s largest advertising platforms to drive targeted traffic and maximize visibility for your music. As one of the top 100 digital marketers in India, Sourab brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to create tailored campaigns that resonate with your target audience.

Through strategic campaign planning, keyword research, compelling ad copy, and continuous optimization, we ensure that your music reaches the right ears at the right time. Whether you aim to increase music streams, build brand awareness, or promote a new release, our Google Ads service is designed to achieve your goals.

Facebook/Instagram ads

BlizAd proudly offers a comprehensive Facebook Ads service designed to elevate your music’s success and connect with your target audience on one of the world’s largest social media platforms. Led by our visionary founder, Mr. Sourab Kumar Yaadav, who is recognized as one of the top 100 digital marketers in India, our team employs innovative strategies to maximize the impact of your Facebook advertising campaigns.

With our Facebook Ads service, we tap into the vast user base and advanced targeting options provided by the platform to ensure your music reaches the right people. Whether you’re aiming to increase your fan base, promote a new release, or generate buzz around your music, we create tailored campaigns to achieve your specific goals.

Music marketing

Our music marketing service encompasses a multi-faceted approach, leveraging various platforms and techniques to ensure your music reaches the right audience. Through meticulous planning and execution, we create impactful marketing campaigns that drive organic traffic and maximize your music’s potential.

From optimizing your presence on popular streaming platforms like Spotify and YouTube to employing targeted advertising campaigns on Google Ads and Facebook Ads, our team utilizes the latest industry insights and trends to maximize your reach and engagement. We focus on delivering not just views or numbers, but building a dedicated fan base that will support you throughout your musical journey.

Influencer Marketing

With our Influencer Marketing service, we identify and collaborate with prominent influencers who align with your music’s genre, style, and target audience. These influencers have established credibility and a dedicated following, making them valuable partners in promoting your music to a wider audience.

Our team meticulously researches and selects influencers who resonate with your brand and music, ensuring authentic and genuine partnerships that yield optimal results. We facilitate collaborations with influencers across various platforms, including social media, YouTube, and blogs, to create compelling content and generate buzz around your music.

Through strategic influencer campaigns, we tap into the influencer’s existing fan base and leverage their influence to drive engagement, increase music streams, and foster a strong connection with your target audience. By harnessing the power of influencer endorsements and recommendations, we enhance your music’s credibility and expand your fan base.

Spotify promotions

Our Spotify Promotions service focuses on increasing your music’s streams, building a loyal fan base, and driving engagement on the platform. We utilize a combination of targeted advertising, playlist placements, and organic promotion to ensure your music receives the attention it deserves.

Our team conducts thorough research to identify suitable playlists and curators within your music’s genre. We leverage our network and industry connections to secure placements for your tracks, helping you reach a larger audience of Spotify users who are interested in your style of music.

Social media marketing

Our team handles all aspects of your social media presence, from content creation and scheduling to community management and paid advertising. We craft compelling and engaging social media posts that reflect your brand identity and resonate with your audience, ensuring consistency across all platforms.

Through targeted advertising campaigns, we optimize your ad spend to reach the right audience at the right time, maximizing your return on investment. We monitor and analyze campaign performance, making data-driven adjustments to optimize results and drive meaningful engagement.

Premium OTT accounts

Our team ensures that you have seamless access to premium OTT accounts, eliminating the need for multiple subscriptions and saving you time and money. We provide you with login credentials for various platforms, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, and more, allowing you to enjoy a diverse range of high-quality content at your convenience.

By subscribing to our Premium OTT Accounts service, you gain access to a vast library of entertainment across different genres and languages. Whether you’re a fan of thrilling series, blockbuster movies, captivating documentaries, or original productions, our service caters to your diverse preferences.